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2021 - Present

Shift Leader & General Consultant

Library and Information Technology Desk    

Trinity College

As a Shift Leader and General Consultant, Myrian provides tech support to students, faculty, and staff and goes on run for classroom emergencies. She also oversees, trains, and prepares newly hired student workers to take the general consultant exam, which allows them to do beyond essential troubleshooting without supervision and helps them feel confident with the job responsibilities and customer service.


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2021 - Present

Student Technology Assistant

Center for Educational Technology

Trinity College

The Student Technology Assistant Program provides support customer support to students, faculty, and staff using technology in classes and research. STAs work with a variety o technology, including 3D printing, web page editors, VR, audio producing, and other specialized applications, but Myrian also manages the 3D printing space. Not only she processes requests, troubleshoot, and do maintenance to the printers. She is also designing a training and programming system to train all STAs so we can certify any student who desires to learn more about the basics of 3D printing and get access to make the most of this space.


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2021 - 2025

Trinity College

B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Cognitive Science

Hartford, Connecticut. 

United States of America

Honors: Shelby Davis United World College Scholar

Relevant courses: CPSC 115, CPSC 203, CPSC 215, MATH 127, MATH 132,

EDU 206

2019 - 2021

United World College Costa Rica

International Baccalaureate

Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica

Honors: Outstanding Leadership Award (OLA)

Relevant courses:

- Higher level: Spanish Language and Literature, English B and Psychology

- Standard level: Biology, Environmental Systems, and Societies, Mathematics Applications and Interpretation

Points: 34/42

Technical Skills

Data Visualization (Tableau, DataWrapper, Google Spreadsheet, OpenRefine)

Content creator in Canvas

3D printing (MakerBot, Prusa mks3+ and Raise3D pro2) management

Microsoft Suite

Web Development (WordPress, HTML, CSS, WIX)

Java, Python


Spanish (Native)

Guaraní (Native)

English (Advanced)

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