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Here you will find a list of all the academic and job projects I have been working on as of now:

Data as a Tool for Housing Justice

Community Action Gateway Program

The Center for Leadership and Justice (CLJ) is designing a Housing Campaign to support the implementation of the revised Housing Code that was approved in 2019. The campaign has three main goals: 1) ensure that the language of the CLJ’s approved Housing Code proposal has not been altered drastically since its adoption in 2019; 2) verify that the recently amended Housing Code is actively and accurately implemented citywide; and 3) establish and maintain a reliable system of citizen-led housing accountability. Therefore, as students from the Community Action Gateway Program at Trinity College, we are thrilled to collaborate with the CLJ to provide research and communications products that contribute to the campaign’s second goal listed above.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 9.57.24 PM.png

Download products from the repository here

See Trinity College's post here

Working with Health Equity Solutions

Community Action Gateway Program

Myrian joined a team that partnered with Health Equity Solutions to create a brief video that communicated their vision, spoke a bit about their work, and provided information on how community members can get engaged. The team was supervised by Samantha Lew, a Policy Analyst and Advocacy Specialist at HES. Read more about the process from Reese San Diego '25 blog post, a team member, to learn about the experience of working with a community partner as part of the one-year Community Action Gateway Program at Trinity College.

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See Trinity College's post here

Founder of the student-led DataViz platform

Developed as part of the Public Humanities Collaborative Program

The public Humanities Collaborative is a community learning summer research that brings together students, faculty, individuals, and organizations in Hartford to work on public humanities: the study of how people interpret stories of our human experience. Myrian was offered a spot for the summer of 2022. She closely worked with a community partner from Windsor, Connecticut, and two Trinity College staff members. She is interested in contributing to Trinity College's digital scholarship; therefore, as part of this program, she founded "Trincoll DataViz," a student-led platform that will show students other ways of telling stories apart from texts. Although it was only a summer program, Myri is still working on this project as of January 2023. Additionally, this project has been accepted to the NERCOMP Annual Conference 2023 in Rhode Island, United States.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 5.52.38 AM.png

Currently under development


Contribution to the Center for Educational Technology

Myrian's passion for 3D printing started when the Center for Educational Technology hired her as a Student Technology Assistant when she was a first-year college student in September 2021. She had never worked with a 3D printer before coming to Trinity, so her enthusiasm for learning more about it has led me to become one of the primary students in charge of the space. She processes requests, troubleshoots, and does maintenance on the printers. Additionally, over the winter break of 2023, she has been designing and implementing a training and programming system to train all STAs to certify any student who desires to learn more about the basics of 3D printing and get access to maximize the usage of this space. The training and programming system does not only involve the creation of an internal and external manual but also the creation of a system that will provide an improved and consistent procedure to complete necessary tasks. This will be published on the STA website of Trinty College. 

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 10.58.40 AM.png

Currently under development


Trinity College

Myrian volunteered to contribute to the planning and execution of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022 along with the Information Security Lead and Research, Technology, and Outreach Librarian. She designed the main logo chosen as well as 4 cybersecurity awareness protips Instagram posts and digital signs, one for each thematic week. She also collaborated on a short video about cybersecurity awareness for the college's community, which can be found here

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 11.17.27 AM.png

See Trinity College Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022 site here

Data Visualization and Partnership with Habitat for Humanity

Data Visualization for All course 

Myrian registered for EDU 206 course led by Professor Doughtery called "Data Visualization for All" and was thrilled to learn ways to tell stories effectively. She's aware that the world is full of data and information that are biased or which results are either exaggerated or cannot actually be generalized. Therefore, she took this course and she not only learned how to make data visualization using several free resources but also how individuals "lie" using charts or maps. This course allowed her to apply her knowledge in a real-world context and she closely worked with Hartford Habitat for Humanity to do some research and answer the following question using data: Has Hartford-Area Habitat for Humanity expanded their construction of houses outside of the capital of Connecticut over time? Along with Emma Wellins, class of 2024, she dug into the town's government's property record databases, cleaned, analyzed, and then creating charts and maps to visualize their findings. 

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 3.34.28 PM.png

Learn more about the outcomes of this project here

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